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What the task involves

Please imagine that the area contained within the box is your life at the moment, and the yellow disk is your ‘Self’.
The discs at the top left of this area represent certain aspects in your life In response to the questions move the disc towards the self-disc. The closer the disc the more important or the greater the impact of this factor. The disc are moved by holding your mouse over the disc and left clicking. Hold down the left click button to move the disc. Release the left click button to ‘drop’ the disc.
For example, if the question was ‘How important is your job to you?’ and the red disc represents your job, placing the disc closer to the yellow self-disc means that your job is important to you.
There are no scales such as a 1 to 10 line to follow, don’t think about the answer too much and just place the disc where it feels right to you. You can move a disc around if you change your mind before clicking the ‘next’ button in the bottom right. After 8 questions click the save and exit button that will be on the final page to finish then please close your browser.
Click the "Start SAVI Exercise' button in the top right of this screen to start and place your id number in the pop up box that will appear.