Features & Benefits

Customizable and verified checklists to control the work environment, minimize risk, and manage workflows.
Enable safe physical distancing via Interaction logging and Location check-ins.
Health and Wellbeing
Monitor the psychological wellbeing and wellness of the workforce using advanced scientific techniques.
Collaborate easily with internal and external teams to enable the sharing of information freely.
Easy to Use
Simple and free to download, ready to use, explainer-guides included.
Easy to Manage
Hosted on our or your cloud, it is deployed and can be customized in minutes.
Fully Customizable
Custom checklists and preferences set up in minutes. Immediate visibility to productivity and compliance.

Why Hygieia?

Hygieia equips and drives a productive workplace in the post-COVID era. It is an app that gives immediate, accurate information to increase safety and awareness. With information from the app, leaders can target the most effective ways to increase collaboration and coordination, and also to decrease risk in the workplace.

Leaders can manage and coordinate teams to respond appropriately and to mitigate risk through a collaborative environment. This intelligent, focused response ensures a safe work environment and reliable continuity of business.

How Hygieia Works

Hygieia uses a single application to give workers and business leaders a vital flow of information that provides transparency in sanitization, habit, and practice. It helps you coordinate work activities to increase productivity and safety. Hygieia’s crisis response capabilities drive more impactful business processes and outcomes, now.

Checklists and guidelines increase collaboration among people in the workplace. These tools give leaders up-to-the-moment information to gauge the wellbeing of front-line workers and their perception of health and safety in the workplace.

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